Project objective and its achievement

The objective is to create a position of the Czech Republic in the policy of planetary defense against asteroids.

We plan to keep the policy sustainable by:
– initiating an interest of businesses in asteroid mining,
– that will be supported by the public sector as a national interest,
– with the vision of the cosmopolitan humankind future and,
– by the recommendations on how to alter the international law regime in the outer space.

We will render national interests as non-conflicting toward other states and as a path to global cosmopolitan order.
This can be achieved by forming of the new international cooperative security regime and by the new regime for the asteroid commercial exploitation without violating international law.

The project was enriched by a topic of Large Technical Systems as enablers of cosmopolitan governance. We consider Breakthrough Starshot as an example for such way of policy thinking in particular.

Finally the project consists of three KEY topics:
– planetary defense
– asteroid/space mining and
– breakthrough technology projects.

All of them are considered as enablers of cosmopolitan governance.

By the end of the 2020 we had achieved following in our objective:

1. We put together a research consortium of Czech research institutions and industry preparing an instrument for asteroid spectrography using LIBS technology useful for space mining and planetary defense.
-> we have stimulated interest in research institutions and industry sector.

2. Key Czech ministeries are willing to move forward with cosmopolitan driven ideas proposed by our project and we discuss the method of their implementation, we enriched National Space Plan and provided proposed policy positions based on principles of a cosmopolitan responsible state.
-> we have support from the public sector.

3. Our studies and policy papers are currently used in a preparation of a White list concerning national legislature of space mining that will reflect principles of a cosmopolitan responsible state and thus defend the core principles of Outer Space Treaty without doubt.
-> we are rendering national interest in accordance with the vision of cosmopolitan future for humankind.

4. Czech Republic has already presented its willingness to support principles of cosmopolitan responsible state in the development of a new security regime focused on Peaceful Use of Lasers in Space on UN COPUOS plenary. The idea is to create a regime that will enable building civilian Large Technical Systems for various purposes: planetary defense, asteroid mining, interstellar travel
-> we have delivered several recommendations how to develop national policies in line with the current international law and how to alter it eventually.

We have a dedicated website for the PULS initiative at