[EN] GOVERNANCE OF EMERGING SPACE CHALLENGES: The Benefits of a Responsible Cosmopolitan State Policy

Nikola Schmidt ed.

This edited volume presents multifaceted strategies for scientific teams and policy makers looking to be at the forefront of cosmopolitan space policies. Formed by a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the Czech Republic, the results show how even small states can become pioneers in this arena of global governance.  

The book covers three key space topics: planetary defense, space mining, and high-power systems in space, such as the laser technology used in the project Starshot. The chapters study why these four timely subjects might be the key for breaking the gridlock and developing a truly global governance framework in space.

Divided into sections on political theory, case studies, and space technology and applications, the book provides far-reaching insights for how all nation states can make a significant difference in the future of space governance.