(EN) Space Program for EU Pirate Party

Main parts related to our work we influenced:

EU Space Vision for Future

Due to technology advancement and commercialization of space industry things like off-Earth mining, colonization of other planets, interstellar and interplanetary travel or planetary defense are no longer topics for distant future but the present day.

EU Strategies on Space Resources and Planetary Defense

Clear adherence to international space law principles and global support will provide a stable and stimulating regulatory framework to attract and motivate private companies. Embracing the OST’s benefit-sharing principle for space resources utilization to make space accessible and contributing to all humankind, including developing countries, should be part of the development policy.

Fragmented national capacities for near earth objects (NEOs) observation will be pulled into a single EU agency with an adequate funding. Observation and prospecting of NEOs will serve both planetary defense and resources utilization to develop joint capabilities.

Support of research and development of high-end multi-purpose mitigation and resources utilization technologies, such as laser techniques, to create a functioning and secured space economy. Utilization of space resources in-situ to foment a functioning space economy that will translate into better and more accessible space-based services.